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Legal Notice

Design Company
You are currently connected to the official web site for the French Design Exhibition: NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE so Starck, so Bouroullec, so Le French Design, property of the VIA

Director of publication :
Jean-Paul Bath, CEO
Website manager:
Elodie Lecerf
120, avenue Ledru Rollin – 75011 Paris
Tel: +33 1 44 68 18 00
Association law 1901 – SIREN 389356452
Download the organisation’s Articles of Association here


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SAS OVH – http://www.ovh.com

2 rue Kellermann

BP 80157

59100 Roubaix

Tel: +33 3 20 45 36 80
For any concerns regarding the operation of the site, please contact the site administrator: lecerf@via.fr

VIA (Valorisation de l’Innovation dans l’Ameublement) aims to valorise and promote French design in the furnishings sector (furniture, lighting, tableware, decorative items, rugs, interior textiles, etc.) both in France and abroad. Its action plan addresses the profession at large: industrial groups, small and medium-sized companies, craftsmen, design companies, retailers, creators and designers. Its exhibition gallery is located at the aforementioned address.

No personal information is collected without your knowledge.
No personal information is passed on to third-parties.


The present web site is exempt from declaration to the CNIL


Preliminary information for individuals intending to diffuse personal information over the internet.
Within the framework of the publicity campaign for the pieces and the actors presented in the Exhibition, VIA intends to diffuse information that concerns you on the web site “NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE”. We remind you that you have a right of access, of modification, of rectification and of deletion of data that concerns you. The information involved is as follows:
– a presentation text,
– the mention of your web site,
– your portrait and/or photographs of your creations (pieces exposed etc.)
Documents must be free of rights. Copyright can be mentioned if it’s specified, but will not lead to the payment of royalties from the VIA. Given the nature of the internet, that allows the free capture of diffused information and the difficulty, indeed the impossibility of controlling the potential use that could be made of such information by third-parties; we inform you that you may refuse such diffusion. As such, VIA cannot be held liable with regards to the diffusion and the consequences of the diffusion of photographs of the pieces that it doesn’t own or the furniture curated or any other creation.
In order that we may take into account your refusal or your reserves, please contact us at VIA.


You can inform us, subsequently, at any time, of your desire to stop or to modify the diffusion of your data over the internet. Just contact us at the following address:
VIA – Valorisation de l’innovation dans l’ameublement
120, avenue Ledru Rollin – 75011 Paris
Tel: +33 1 44 68 18 00


This entire web site is governed by French and international law with regards to copyright and intellectual property. Copyright reserved, including for downloadable documents and iconographic and photographic representations.
The reproduction of all or part of this web site on any electronic support whatsoever is strictly forbidden without the express authorisation of the director of publication.
The reproduction of texts from this web site onto paper is authorised, more specifically in a pedagogical context, subject to compliance with the following three conditions:
– its diffusion is free of charge,
– the integrity of the reproduced document must be respected: no modification or alteration of any kind,
– clear and precise mention of the source in the following format, for example: “this document was copied from the web site NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE www. lefrenchdesign.org. Copyright reserved and strictly limited”. It’s imperative that the URL for the NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE web site be mentioned in the reference.
For other uses, please consult us first.