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Institut Français

The Institut français has joined forces with VIA for the international organisation and presentation, in association with the French cultural network abroad, of the touring exhibition “NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE, le French Design,” which will begin its grand journey at the Institut français in Milan in April 2017.

The Institut français supports contemporary design and helps to earn international recognition for French artistic endeavours. In the fields of visual arts, design and architecture, the Institut français acts in collaboration with the French Ministry of Culture and Communication’s General Artistic Creation Department (DGCA) and Heritage Department (DGPat) through a number of shared programmes and activities.

In the field of design, the Institut français, working alongside the French cultural network abroad, draws up and participates in projects of an international scope. In 2016-2017 it supported the major “OUI Design” event in the USA, in close collaboration with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and American partners. Every year at the Furniture Show in Milan, it organises an event dedicated to French designers, together with the Institut français in Italy.

The Institut français organises or supports French participation in major international biennial events. It strongly encourages the mobility of French creative talents, notably through international residency programmes open to designers, in particular Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto and the Hors les Murs programme.

Within the framework of its annual FOCUS programmes, it invites professionals (gallerists, curators, exhibition managers, etc.) from a wide range of countries to come and receive assistance identifying artistic movements and locating partners in France. This is echoed in a significant number of invitations being sent to French artists and designers abroad.

Lastly, through its “Creative Africa & the Caribbean” programme, the Institut français supports those involved in visual arts and design on the continent of Africa and in the Caribbean, as well as at a number of international events.

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