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The values of Le French Design

40 cult objects embodying 10 essential values

le french design

To define French Design, 10 values emerged from the work and discussions of the think tank. They helped to guide the choice of iconic pieces, all of which exemplify some aspect of these values. They also contributed to the staging of the exhibition, by establishing benchmarks, or simply by helping us to express abstract ideas in words.

Art de vivre

Humanism and hedonism, a distillation of the ‘je ne sais quoi’ which underpins the charm and spirit of French art de vivre.

Créativité et industrie

Creativity and industry

Design forms a bridge between the poetic, artistic world and the more rigorous manufacturing sector. And it is these connections which give French savoir-faire its strength…

Elegance and a hint of luxury

Parisian chic, French refinement—heirs to a proud history, deeply embedded in its culture— a style and a way of thinking which have always fascinated the world.

Sustainable innovation

Without limiting creativity and aesthetics, an environmentally friendly methodology is adopted, involving firm commitment, a mature approach, and adherence to contemporary society’s rejection of waste.


Thinking outside the box. Permitting oneself certain freedoms, even for functional objects… daring to use original colours and materials… Slightly provocative, entirely seductive!


Taking things further than competence and technical proficiency, high-quality know-how is applied to the smallest detail, in pursuit of true excellence.


Balance is not necessarily about stripped-back design or carefully worked lines; it can be found in the overall consistency of an object and its relationship with the surrounding world.


Deep roots, cultivated over many centuries, respecting tradition while embracing modernity and new technology.

Cultural openness

Its stylistic breadth, incorporation of international talent and open spirit have all shaped the rich and exceptional character of le French Design.



French flair, or the judicious and timely use of the imagination, with just a touch of impertinence, to really make an impression.